Gingerbread Man (Seasonal Recipe)

Gingerbread Man (Seasonal Recipe)

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Nostalgic appeal has been created with our first ever seasonal recipe! Gingerbread Man is rich and delicious with warm notes of baking spices, swirled with drops of golden butter and a hint of orange zest. G-Man smells like fresh out of the oven gingerbread. This recipes carrier blend contains avocado oil, for it’s regenerative and moisturizing properties and jojoba oil for it’s organic and mineral elements. Only 12 bottles available.

Blend: EO/FO
Longevity: 8+ Hours
Strength: Strong

Size: 1 oz Bottle

Directions: Drop the desired amount of oil into palm. Apply to beard and skin.

Safety Note: Test on skin for allergies. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.

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